TIE YOUR TIE by Franco Minucci

- What is TIE YOUR TIE -

TIE YOUR TIE (Tie Your Tie) Select shop "TIE YOUR TIE-" opened in Florence, Italy in 1984 by Franco Minucci, who was called the "compass" at PTTI UOMO, the world's largest men's ready-to-wear trade fair held in Italy. Thai Yua Thai" The items selected by his sense of beauty are full of originality, and the line-up includes high-quality and unique men's clothing.

-Franco Minucci-

Franco's rigorous selection of high-quality items, styles and materials are all uncompromising, and while inspired by the good old designs and colors that have continued since the mid-1800s, we create designs that match the present age. I devised it and was particular about weaving the highest quality cloth and finishing it by hand. His uncompromising aesthetic has had a great influence on the classical music world.

- Settepieghe -

Among them, the representative model "Settepieghe" series of "TIE YOUR TIE" means "seven-fold" in Italian. This is a luxurious use of fabric that is nearly twice as normal. It is made without interlining because the folded fabric acts as an interlining. In addition, the unique expression of a fluffy scarf has a classic yet modern finish, making it a gem loved by many welldressers and celebrities.