TEORIA di Franco

- What is Teoria de Franco -

A new label launched by the late Mr. Franco Minucci, the founder of TIE YOUR TIE (Thai Your Tie), for the next generation of weld dressers. A brand that offers easy-to-handle items that are more trend-conscious.

- The Will and Thoughts of the Late Mr. Franco Minucci -

Known as the compass of Pitti Uomo, Mr. Franco Minucci, with his unique sense and elegance that is second to none, has attracted the attention of famous brands and celebrities, and is important until the very end. continued to exist as a fashion icon.

Such Franco was particularly interested in his later years. It was an unfavorable era when tied-up styles were shunned in Japan and Italy, but Franco's desire was to create the best of Stile Classico (classic style) that he had spent his life creating. Passing on elegance to young people.

It is very important to wear high-quality items as you grow up as an adult man who is required to have sense and responsibility according to the occasion after the youth age when you were allowed to wear anything. However, it is difficult to wear the finest brands such as Thai Yua Thai as the first step. That's why "TEORIA di Franco" was born, the final label of Mr. Franco, who wanted to have people enjoy the classic style while keeping it at a price that is easy to pick up while being a high-quality item. Mr. Franco's will to entrust the next generation of Welddressers will never be interrupted.