Artisanal & Elegance

The colors and patterns of TAI YUA TAI EXCLUSIVE are selected from the original patterns or from the vast archive, and the colors are arranged by the designer. The colors are trend-conscious and exquisite medium tones, making it easy to coordinate the characteristic patterns with clothes naturally.

In Italy and England, fabrics that do not pursue production efficiency are produced on low-speed looms, taking time, paying attention to the amount of yarn and arrangement.

It is cut with a fabric length that is about twice that of a normal necktie.

Sew around the edge of the fabric for about 1.5m. The plump winding seam is a feature of Thai Yua Tie.

We will fold it by hand into 'sette piege / seven folds'.

Counting the folds on one side, 'seven times = SettePieghe'.

The bar-tacking, which is conscious of the buttonholes of the tailor-made jacket, fixes the folding.

Finally, a brand tag is attached to guarantee quality.

Franco's wish is, 'I want you to enjoy more fashion with a necktie as if you were wearing a scarf, not just a dress.'