Leonardo Tazzari

A true Fiorentina, heir to the legacy

He is also the son of Franco Minucci, the founder of TIEYOURTIE, and has worked as a necktie designer for a long time. He himself has experience working at the TIEYOURTIE store in Florence, and can be said to be the successor of Thai Yua Thai DNA. By the way, Simone Righi, who also worked at the TIEYOURTIE store, is married to Leonardo's older sister and is an important member of FAMILY BUSINESS.

In the mid-90s, the legendary necktie brand 'Manifatture Caravatte', of which Franco was also a partner ' and learned the ABCs of ties. By the way, Manifatore Cravatte is an OEM manufacturer of the initial Thai Yua Tie.

After that, he established his own studio 'GrayTies Industries'. He served as president until 2005 . We also contracted OEM of a necktie of a certain famous maison brand.

Leonardo's flexible ideas are also utilized in the production background, and he has expanded the framework of settepieghe with the fabrics he uses. Development of materials such as clothing, double face, and different materials that are not usually used for ties.

When he visited Japan for a trunk show on behalf of Franco, he became deeply interested in Japanese handicrafts and craftsmanship. I dreamed of realizing a collection that combines the elegance of

While inheriting the DNA of Thai Yua Thai, there are many fans of his unique use of colors, dressing, and frank personality.