The history of the brand begins at the same time as the store opened in Florence, Italy in 1984.

In the early days of the brand, there were only W-name products in collaboration with brands that caught the eye of Franco Minucci. Common to all products is "high quality, lightness and softness".

Before long Franco was called 'Manifatture Cravatte'. ', based on the know-how cultivated in 'Thai Yua Tie Brand', started the original necktie.

Landed in Japan on the wave of the big boom in Classico Italy. For nearly 15 years, he opened a store in Aoyama, Tokyo. All items such as suits, jackets, pants, shirts, and knitwear are available at directly managed stores, and ties are now available at famous department stores and select shops.

Sette piege has become recognized as a synonym for tie Yua tie, and has gained a position as an unwavering masterpiece necktie.

Currently, as a showroom and directly managed store, TAI YUA TAI Motoazabu sells carefully selected neckties at department stores, select ships, and specialty stores, and is still popular with women who are looking for gifts from welldressers.