Franco Minucci

A rare well dresser representing Classico Italy

It is no exaggeration to say that TIEYOURTIE = Franco Minucci, the person at the heart of the brand, everything started with him.

In 1984, when he was 50 years old, he opened a TIEYOURTIE shop in Florence, Italy.

Until then, I was honing my aesthetics while changing careers, such as film distribution and apparel sales. Strangely enough, the fact that he opened the shop two years before the founding of the Classico Italian Association must be acknowledged as his keen sense of smell to foresee trends.

After opening the store, it didn't take long to gain recognition from fashionistas around the world. Everyone was fascinated by the selection of products based on his aesthetics, the window display, the scent of potpourri in the store, and his styling. Soon it will be called 'Pitti compass'.

In addition, there are too many episodes of consideration and behavior. Out of consideration for the lady in the room, he removed the sette piegetai before dinner and put it in the breast pocket of his jacket.

There are countless brands that Franco spread to the world, and Rota's two-pleated, beltless Florentine model is famous. He created a lot of followers who imitated the short sword that was longer than the large sword and the necktie that was slightly shifted towards the front.