In 1984, the men's clothing store "TIE YOUR TIE" was born in Florence, Italy. The items selected by owner Franco Minucci's sense of beauty are full of originality, and the line-up includes high-quality and unique men's clothing. There was also the tailwind of the big boom in Classico Italy, and not only the style of Thai Yua Thai, but also Franco's own dressing and behavior were regarded as objects of awe by welddressers around the world.

Franco Minucci

Franco's rigorous selection of high-quality items, style and materials are all uncompromising, and while taking inspiration from the good old designs and colors that have continued since the mid-1800s, we have devised designs that match the present age. I was particular about weaving the finest fabrics and finishing them by hand. His uncompromising aesthetic has had a great influence on the classical music world.


Among the many items, the “Settepieghe” model, which is representative of Tie Your Tie, means “seven-fold” in Italian. This is a luxurious use of fabric that is nearly twice as normal. It is made without interlining because the folded fabric acts as an interlining. In addition, the unique expression of a fluffy scarf has a classic yet modern finish, making it a gem loved by many welldressers and celebrities.


Leonardo Tazzari is the son of Franco Minucci, the founder of Tie Your Tie, and has been a necktie designer for a long time. While inheriting Thai Your Thai DNA, he has many fans for his unique use of colors, style, and frank personality.

TEORIA di Franco

A new label launched by Thai Yua Thai founder Franco Minucci. A collection of easy-to-handle items that are more trend-conscious and offer the opportunity to take the first step toward becoming an elegant gentleman and the joy of dressing for the next generation of well-dressers.


With a deep interest in Japanese handicrafts and craftsmanship, he focuses on the techniques of Nishijin textiles and Tango textiles, which are traditional industries of Kyoto, and develops collections that combine the delicate luster and essence of Italy with the elegance of Japan. A collection of Leonardo's skills cultivated over a long period of time, the sense that drives Thai Yua Thai, and a tribute to Japan.