'Leonardo Tazzari di Tie Your Tie' domestic tie

In launching our own EC online shop this time, we can show you the ALL JAPAN MADE 'LEONARDO TAZZARI di TIEYOURTIE' necktie as a featured product. This is the long-awaited product of Leonardo, who has been deeply sympathetic to Japanese craftsmanship. I had an opportunity to see the product earlier than expected, but the cost performance is very high for the quality of the product. I hope you will get it once. If you would like to see the actual item, you can see it at the Motoazabu store, so please contact us from the store appointment form.

We will update the products in the online shop from time to time, so please take a look at it frequently.


Message from Leonardo

Every time I visit Japan for a trunk show, I have been inspired by the culture, Japanese characters and way of thinking.
This time, in order to give shape to that thought, we have planned a necktie that is all made in Japan.
'Leonardo Tazzari di Taiyuatai'
High-quality silk fabric that originated in the culture of Japanese clothing, and elaborate sewing that expresses the Japanese character.
A great tie is ready.
I have been designing neckties for about 30 years, and the era of sales has changed significantly from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce.
Originally, Thai Yua Thai started from Franco's physical store, so I was skeptical about selling it on EC at first.
However, I think it's great to be able to deliver products & thoughts to more people.
We hope that this tie will color your various life scenes.
Leonardo Tazzari
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